Thursday, January 31, 2013


As we all know how cloud storage services have become an integrated part of our everyday computer use. Cloud storage gives us flexibility to store our data and to access them from anywhere in the world and also gives many other advantages too. But the main concern raises over here is the security of the data. We always wish that our data must be secured and does not get changed or hacked by others, as we all know how important our data is. So this can be deal with using the Secured Cloud Drive, which encrypts the files using military-grade 256-bit AES encryption prior to sending them your selected cloud drive. This will make your data unreadable to others. It supports almost all your cloud storage services like SkyDrive, Dropbox etc.

Secured Cloud Drive lets you synchronize a shared folder on your computer with the exchange folder on your cloud. The files will be encrypted with the 256-bit encryption layer, so that no one can have access to your files except you. So for this, the software of Secured Cloud Drive is required to download. You can do this by clicking the following link Once installed, now you have to follow some of the configuration steps that show how the service works.

Select Next and Next option to proceed and in the fifth step you can see the Select Folder option. This option let’s you allow to give the path where your folder is present that you want to share and then click to next to proceed.
Similarly in the sixth step, the application will ask you for your exchange folder. This folder should be present on your cloud drive.
Next you have to specify a password for the encrypted files. The application uses the same password when you download your files to your computer.
Secured Cloud Drive uses a license code for each shared folder. You get a single license for free, but additional licenses have to be purchased for sharing more than one folder. As you receive the license code, enter it to the application and click Next to proceed.

Now all you need to do is to store files on the shared folder and they will get automatically encrypted and synced to the exchange folder. This application creates a directory on the cloud to which the encrypted files are actually moved.
The additional folders can be shared by clicking ‘New share’ from the application’s right-click context menu in the system tray. You have also many other options to select such as pause synchronization, exit etc.
This application will keep all your important files safe on your cloud drive.