Sunday, September 23, 2012

Unauthorized access in windows

We are much familiar with windows operating system, there are lot of vulnerability’s in Microsoft’s windows operating system. I am discussing here one from them might be you are all unaware of this. In our college defreeze software is installed to prevent from attacks by virus or unauthorized access. But this weakness of operating system does not protected by defreeze completely, because it restore data after operating system.
Windows service pack 2 allows normal user such as “student” in our college(which restricted for complete use) to create an new account as administrator, but we have to create account in some different way stated in following stapes:
  • Right Click on my computer icon and go to manage, look at left side panel there is option “Local Users and Groups”. As shown in fig1. mangement functions
  • Click on “Local Users and Groups” and will see all account which are available in our system.Right click on free panel we will see options new user click on it and create new account as shown in fig 2.
fig2.creating account

  • Now click on groups in panel and right click on “Administrator” we see different option select “Add to group” as shown in fig 3. Now new window comes.
fig3.selecting group to add account
  • Now click on Add button, it will display new window.     
fig4.adding account in admin group
  •  Now click on Advanced button it will open new window.
fig5.selecting user
  • Now click on Find now button it will display all available account and one from them is our created account “Ravikumar” select it and click on ok.
fig6.seleting account to add in admin

  • It will display a message just ignore it. Now click on ok and apply buttons.
  • Log off from current account (don’t restart defreeze will delete last created account) and loin through last new created account. It will ask for changing password, proceed.
  • Now you have complete administrator authority you can do anything. When system is restarted account is deleted by defreeze. 


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