Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just One Desire : And You Touch the Sky….

We often say that in the way of the life we come across some situations which inspire us and give a changing point to our life.
One such good incident which inspired me was, recently I read about a guy named Pratish Datta of Kolkata. Pratish is a 23 years boy who is the student of IIT-KHARAGPUR. Hearing name IIT what comes in our mind? Our dream institutes….right? We often get jealous about IITians? Don’t we? Pratish have lost his vision in one eye at his poor age of 6 months. His family (mother: house-wife and father: renowned civil engineer of Kolkata) were worried about his future. In his childhood his mom guided him with his lessons of school. He use to do sums of math’s mentally. For him “practice made him perfect in mental math’s”. With support of his parents he passed his schooling with flying colors. Next his dream was to get admitted in one of the most famous institutes which everyone dreams to go i.e. IIT. He mother fully supported his and left Kolkata for him and shifted to Kharagpur. Over there he passed the entire tests and got eligible. From that onwards his life changed completely and got the best turning point ever. He selected field of mathematics as his career and pursued Msc. in mathematics from same institute. As like “an icing on the cake” this visually challenged Pratish has recently been awarded with J C Bose Memorial gold medal for the being the best academic performer in his 2 years PG course in science. He was awarded by our respected president of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee. Isn’t' that amazing? Of course it is... He says “for me my mind is my eye with my mind I can tackle any glitch of my life... ”.Pratish has the future goal to pursue PhD. in networking field and the field of cryptography. Thus at the end of the story the first question which arises in our mind is “How can a visually challenged guy that too an IIT-ian, cope up with his studies tackling his problem of vision?” But answer to this is very simple, if anyone tries to do anything; lack of sight is hardly an impediment. His inner determination to learn things, his passion towards study, ideal and support of his parent, friends, and on priority his faculties of St .Xavier’s school Kolkata and the staff of IIT KHARAGPUR....hats off to you all....this story inspired me because a guy who have lost his vision, if he can touch the sky just with the sheer grit and determination.... then why can’t we all who have all our body parts well functioning? The things we need are just 2D's.....“Dedication and Determination” and we can do wonders... best wishes and salute to Pratish...