Saturday, August 24, 2013

XAMPP: A web server package

XAMPP is a cross platform web server package. Cross platform means it works on every possible operating system without any compatibility issues. XAMPP is the acronym for: X-cross platform, A- Apache HTTP server, M- MySQL, P-PHP, P- Perl. The main advantage of XAMPP is that it requires very less configuration for its components, which make it quite user friendly. The default FTP user for XAMPP is "newuser", and default FTP password is "wampp". Similarly default MySQL user is "root", and there is no default password for MySQL.
XAMPP contains its own XAMPP Control Panel, where all the modules and their current status is given. We can very easily start or stop any module which we want, by clicking on "Action" button beside modules. We can even configure the modules. A small pop-up screen appears when we click on "config" button.
There is one main config button on top right side.  When we click on that main config button on top right corner then the following window will appear.
Below all this modules there is a terminal which displays the actions and generate a log file which we can view by clicking on logs. There are several different XAMPP distributions, 1. XAMPP for Linux, 2. XAMPP for Windows, 3. XAMPP for Mac OS X, 4. XAMPP for SOLARIS. Installing XAMPP is also very simple task in windows 8 just download the zip file and extract it and double click on .exe file. The folder name xampp will be created in C drive. So basically XAMPP is very user friendly and easy to use cross platform web server.

XAMPP is developed by Apache Friends and the Official website for XAMPP is