Monday, August 26, 2013

Getting System informantion under Linux

Hello firends in this blog I am writing about how to extract information of system. Information like architecture, kernel etc. For an adminstrator it is important to know there own system configuration. Yes it is part of system administration. There are various commands available to check system configuration such as df, du,free etc. But here we are discussing some of them.
There is most popular command UNAME (In small) is available in our system. You can get information about it by:
root@ravikumar:~$man uname

  1. Ok, now we will discuss how to use uname to get system information. Look at figure 1 first command . It shows that the name of the kernel which our system using i.e. Linux.
  2. To check that which version of kernel system is using look at figure 1 second command, shows kernel version.
  3. To check which type of operating system it is use fourth command in figure 1.
  4. If you want to see all information at once then refer command 4 in figure 1. There are other options are also available please check it by self.                   

  5. To check that disk space usage use command “ df ”. shown in figure 2 first command.
  6. To check used and free space memory use second command in figure 2.

  7. To check disk space usage of each file on system use third command in figure 2. command is "du -h".