Friday, September 20, 2013

Reset BIOS Supervisor Password

Many times it happens that our computer vendor often lock our computer BIOS with Supervisor Password. So, if we ever need to change boot device settings or any other settings in our BIOS then we have to go to the service center to do it. Here, I will show you how to bypass the Supervisor Password and reset it.

How To:

  1. Switch On the Laptop.
> Go to BIOS Setup on startup. The BIOS will request for Supervisor password. Enter anything, for 3 times, and then the system will display a System Disabled message.
Enter Wrong Password
Ignore Warning

  1. System Disabled Code.
> Write down the code displayed below the System Disabled message. You need to generate the BIOS backdoor password.

Note down this code

  1. Backdoor Password Generation.
> On a computer with Internet connection, go here and enter the code, you got in previous step. This site will generate a backdoor password for you.
Go to the link provided

  1. Restart Computer.
> Again go to BIOS Setup screen, again it will ask for Supervisor password, now enter the Backdoor password that you got from the website. There you go, you just unlocked your BIOS. 
Enter the password you got from website

  1. Change Password.
> Now go to Security tab in the BIOS, and change Supervisor password to whatever you want or keep it blank. Whenever it asks for old password, type in the Backdoor password.
Now change the password

It is as simple as that..!!