Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to Tweet from Linux Terminal

Twitter is a great social networking site and many of us has being addicted to it. But as on twitter we mostly do tweeting which is a text part so why not we tweet while we're working in the Linux terminal .It's quite of fun.

You can do this with Twidge. Twidge is a terminal client for microblogging sites such as Twitter. Twidge is a simple Twitter client for the Linux command line. There are also some other command line Twitter clients, but Twidge is simple and easy to install.

Twidge is available in the 11.10 repositories so if you are using 11.10 version then simply installs it by the following command:-

    sudo apt-get install twidge

Or you can download it from Ubuntu software centre.

                                                     Fig: 1
But if you are using any other version of Ubuntu, you need to manually add the repositories for Twidge.

Do the following commands:-

    sudo gedit /etc/apt/source.list

Append the following line at the end of the text

    deb squeeze main

Save this repository to your source.list to be able to download Twidge. Then you can install it from the command line. Run the following commands:-

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install twidge

Now after installing Twidge, you have to do the set up of Twidge. You can do this by the following command:-
     twidge setup

                                                     Fig: 2

As shown in above fig, Twidge setup will generate an URL for the authentication. Copy that URL and paste it in your browser, then it will ask you for your login stuffs, just login and it will generate an authentication code. Now you have to just enter the generated authentication code in your terminal and enter and then you are done. After that you can get ready to tweet.

To update your status you can run the following command:-

       twidge update

And then type your status. The status should be of 140 characters limit that much Twidge allows.

You can check your replies by the following command:-
       twidge lsreplies

You can check the recent updates by the following command:-
       twidge lsrecent

There are many other commands for follow, unfollow. For that you can check into man pages by following command

    man twidge

Or, you can use lscommands to see the full list of commands at a glance.

   twidge lscommands.

Have fun with the new style of updating your twitter.