Tuesday, June 4, 2013

X-RAY Goggle by Mozilla

Now a days, web programming is most popular among us and web programming also has large scope, so people who want to be web programmers they are attracted towards the web programming but it’s not so easy for newbie’s, because they have to start from the beginning that they hate a lot. But what can anyone do, they have to learn the basics first, then and then they can move forwards to advance web programming.
For newbie’s learning basics is a better choice but it takes time to understand everything about web designing and formatting. But web programming take new steps every day, in this situation it's quite difficult for newbie’s to match with the programmers who are gamblers of coding.
But when there is a will there is a way, Mozilla introduces their open source software X-Ray Goggle that can help the programmers to do anything without coding, you just have to make changes in existing coding and you are done. Many people say that it's a hacking and it's wrong thing to do, but people have miss concepts related to hacking. Hacking is not wrong thing to do, if you have any problem regarding your web programming and you come out with solution through Mozilla X-Ray then it's called as hacking and it's good thing to do.
Now, you will think we have many software on Internet from which we can do the same things, so why go for X-Ray Goggle. First thing is that it is open source, so no need to pay anything to anyone. Second is that it is quite easier to learn and apply on your web page. I had learned about this software in Mozilla workshop held on 6th March 2013 at N.D.M.V.P college of Engineering by Ankit Gadgil.
Following are the steps for installing X-Ray Goggle and how to work with it.

Step 1: Go to http://hackasaurus.org/en-US/goggles/ to download it. Downloading X-Ray Goggle is really simple.

Step 2: As you can see on Web site of X-Ray Goggle to install it just drag and drop it on your toolbar as shown below.

Step 3: Open any website on which you want to make changes. I am changing the image on Google.com, for that you have to copy the image location of other image which is going to be replace, for that just go on Google.com and search any image, open it and right click on image and select option “copy image location”. Now the image location has been copied then go to the website where you want to make changes.

Step 4: Click on X-Ray Goggle option on toolbar and move cursor to the Google image.
Step 5: Now click on the image, after clicking on image you will get the source code of that image just replace that image URL with the URL you have copied before.


Step 6: After replacing the image URL the actual image will be changed as you can see, after that just click on commit button and the changes will appear on actual page as well. This changes are temporary so you can do two things either you can publish it on Internet or you can view a source code of it and save it, or both can be done.


This one is a small example of X-Ray Goggle, you can use it as you like and add that codes to your own page.