Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Encrypt and Hide Your Personal Files Inside of a Photo

We always want to save our data or any personal files in a place that no one can check it out or misuse it. Because the data are very important to us and no one can put it into any kind of risk. So the new technique has always come forward to make us relax i.e. Encryption. It is best way to keep your valuable data safe whether you transmit over the internet or backing it on a server or anything else can be done, it’s totally safe.

But again if you want to move a step further there is another technique that is on the way is that to encrypt our personal data and hide it inside a photo. That’s something new for me but don’t know may be you all know about this technique before, as all you are very intelligent. So in this technique we can encrypt our precious data with a custom password and disguise them as an ordinary image.

So to start with this you have to download the software. You can download it from the given link

                                                                          Fig: 1

Once the download has completed, extract it.

                                                                           Fig: 2

After that, start the application and the donation screen will appear. Click on the Skip donation button to launch the application.

 Fig: 3

The application will asks for the file which you want to hide, an image in which to hide the file, as well as the path where the new image will be stored. On the right hand side check the box that will allow you to choose a custom password to encrypt your files and type a password you want to keep.

                                                                            Fig: 4

Then click the Camouflage button, to start hiding your files.

                                                                             Fig: 5

After that you can see the size of the new image in which the files are being hidden is more than that of the original image but still the new file will open as an ordinary image without conveying that there are some hidden files inside it. The size of the new file will obviously vary depending on what you are hiding.

                                                                            Fig: 6

To get your files back, switch to the de-camouflage tab, select your image and check the box and input the same password you had used to encrypt your files. If you put the wrong password it will show the error message. However if you give the right password, your files will be extracted to the directory that you have specified. And then click the De-Camouflage button to decrypt your personal files.
                                                                 Fig: 7

Besides the obvious increase in file size there is no other way that anyone would be able to tell that there is any hidden contents in the image.