Friday, December 14, 2012

Nullify bandwidth under Ubuntu and Mint

In today's era everyone wants to be with technology. Everyone uses wifi. When we travel we carry laptops with us. To connect our laptops with external world that is to access Internet we have the facility of wifi. Wifi as we all know is one of well known technology which allows an electronic device to exchange data using radio waves as the medium. It includes the Internet connections. Now often while sitting at places like railways stations, airports etc. in order to connect Internet via your laptop we wish to access wifi which has free and unlimited access to it. But mostly in these places the access to unlimited use of wifi is prohibited or limited and are restricted to a certain time limit which is set or restricted to particular bandwidth. What if we would have got unlimited access to wifi? So in order to get some way out.try this...

These are some ways to nullify the bandwidth and the time restrictions with the help of Ubuntu or the mint versions of Linux.

To begin with:

we wish to connect the Internet through our laptop then our laptop is uniquely recognized by the address called asMac address. This cannot be changed (unless you use spoofing tools).

Step 1) To modify the Mac address of our machine:

In UBUNTU or even in MINT versions of debian Linux we can use the tool called as the MACCHANGER in order to modify the Mac address of our machine.

The command used for the Mac address changing is:
sudo apt-get install macchanger -y

Step 2) ifconfig:
Now go to your terminals (cltrl+alt+t) and typeifconfigcommand

Fig. 1: This is how the screen looks. (For the wired LANS)

Step 3) Disable the Wifi connection

Fig. 2: This is how the screen looks. (For the wireless LANS)

Now we will disable the Wifi connection.

The command for the same is:

sudo ifconfig wlan0 down

Step 4) To Change our laptop's MAC address

Now we need to Change our laptop's MAC address with this command:
sudo macchanger -r wlan0

Step 5) Prompts will appear

You will get prompts about your permanent, current and new MAC addresses like this:

$ sudo macchanger -r wlan0
Permanent MAC: 00:a1:b0:0b:7d: de (unknown)
Current MAC: 00:a1:b0:0b:7d: de (unknown)
New MAC: 1e:b6:72: ee: 8d: 42 (unknown)

Step 6) Relaunch your Wifi connection

After getting up of all these commands, now relaunch your Wifi connection with this command:

sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

you are done...enjoy the free unlimited access to wifi.

But mind well after you finish browsing, without fail delete all your browsing history and cookies. When Wifi time/bandwidth limits are reached, change again your MAC address.