Friday, December 14, 2012

Microsoft Surface

Basically Microsoft Surface is a series of tablets that are designed and marked by Microsoft. And it was announced on June 18, 2012, by Microsoft COE Steve Ballmer at milk Studios at Los Angeles. 
Microsoft Surface is comes in two versions, first with Windows RT (Surface RT) and second with Windows 8 Pro (Surface pro). Almost both versions are identical with their appearances but there are some major differences. The Windows RT uses ARM CPU that is commonly used in almost every tablet, while Windows 8 Pro uses Intel CPU. Both versions of Microsoft Surface have ability to install new application of Windows Store, but only Window 8 is capable to install all traditional third-part desktop applications. It is a major difference between Windows RT and Windows 8 that Widows RT can only install all Apps that are available on Windows store, and that’s why Windows RT is called as Tablet.
Windows 8 was release on 26 October 2012 and most probably Windows RT will available on Jan 2013. As I said before both versions of Windows Surface have some differences in their capabilities of running certain software applications.
Fig : Windows 8 VS Windows RT
If we talk about standard Windows 8 OS, it allows us to install all the applications which are compatible with Windows 7 and Vista with fewer exceptions, whereas we cannot install same applications in Windows RT, because all applications which are run in the Windows RT were written in Win RT. Windows RT and Win RT both are look like same but there is no relation between them, Windows RT doesn’t stands for anything whereas Win RT Stands for Windows Run-time. That’s why all the Apps available on Windows store are most probably written in Win RT.
Because of it limitations windows RT does not support Windows media Player like windows 8 does, but Windows RT Offers Microsoft office 2013 RT for free, meaning it will be able to run programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint right out of the box. The standard Microsoft Office 2013 is available to Windows 8 users but isn't included with the operating system. You'll have to purchase Office 2013 separately for Windows 8. Windows 8 is available to purchase for installation on any recent PC. Windows RT, on the other hand, will not be released for purchase. It's effectively an 'OEM' system, designed only for hardware manufacturers to put on new tablets. That's why Windows RT is only available on the Microsoft Surface and four other forthcoming tablets.
Windows RT will be good choice for users who will be happy with tablets with office and windows store, and the user who will don’t require traditional third-party software’s.