Friday, December 7, 2012

Automatic Voice Command Execution

Hello Readers, this is a new concept that I am going to explain you in this post. Before starting main topic I will like to clear basic concepts, because if you don’t know the basic concept then you will not understand this concept properly. And according to my knowledge still this concept is not developed, and this is only concept that I thought and if you want, you can develop it.
Now back to the basic concepts, you should know voice frequency, how to convert voice frequency into text, and programming on any Linux Operating System, and the most import Multithreading, Because if you don’t know multithreading then you can’t develop it.
As we know voice is nothing but the frequency and we can easily convert analog frequency (sin wave) into digital frequency (square wave) by using some methods and once it converted into digital frequency, we can easily convert it into text.
Fig : Automatic Voice Command Execution
Step 1 is completed, now in next step we have to check a file where all the commands are stored but it is a hard task to recognize actual command because the voice frequency which was converted into text that may be converted into wrong formats or may be spelling of commands converted in wrong way. But this problem will solve by proper converting, for this we have to check (debug) all possible conditions.
Now in 3rd and final step we have to read all commands one by one and simply execute them on terminal of Linux Operating System that you are using for operations. The last step is seen to very easy but it not, because we have to execute all commands one by one that is easy but when to execute or when to wait (if file is empty) that is so much difficult but there is a solution that is multithreading. For more information of multithreading you can refer to any book or you can search it on To execute all commands we require two or more threads, its totally depends on Programmers logic.
I am hoping that all readers will like this concept and if anyone wants any kind of help to develop this concept then you can mail me on