Friday, September 7, 2012

Intelligent Vehicle Control

Why we need it?
We are listening continually how much of accident case happened day by day. There are many reasons of happening of accidents day by day, such as high speed at speed limit zone or can be breaking signals.
Now it’s time to reduce these accidents. Following points elaborates the process of intelligent vehicle control. We are familiar with RFID technology; we can use RFID transmitter tags for tracing. When an RFID tags comes in the range of RFID reader, these tag gets activated and it is detected by RFID reader.
Process of implementation:-
  1. At the time of vehicle manufacturing an RFID transmitter tag is put in the vehicle which cannot be detected by us and cannot be removed. These RFID tag have unique identification and these cannot be repeated for any vehicle.
  2. When a person buy a vehicle then manufacturer must have to register the RFID number with the customer name.
  3. At the time of passing our vehicle at R.T.O. these details also again registered. These details must have to be in high secured system.
  4. Now we have to implement RFID reader at different areas such as each Traffic signal such that when an vehicle crosses signals then the RFID number of that vehicle must to be traced and then it is given to traffic controller which issues what are dues or charges.
  5. These raised RFID number get send to server at traffic controller and then furthered procedure will done.
  6. Then another example for speed limit zone is: We have much option for checking speed limit. But we have another new option is when speed limit crosses it get indicated by vehicle to RFID tag. Then when this vehicle comes in the area of RFID reader then RFID tag is responsible for sending information of speed limit zone and reason.
    Intelligent Vehicle Control
    • When an accident happens to it get registered and fast service will provided to accidental area.
    • This process is just like BLACK BOX system in airplanes.
    • Reduces accidents.