Friday, September 7, 2012

Plug-in : The Power of Web Browser

A normal Web Browser can provide the facility to view only the HTML pages, and to view the other things like animated images, flash videos, PDF files etc, we required thePlug-Ins. 
Plug-in means the softwares which provides the extra facilities to your browser from which we can easily utilize the browser without using any other softwares. When we think about the plug-ins, we have to be consider many things that are, which kind of plug-ins to be installed, what are the advantages of it, does we have to update it etc. The answer is itself a browser, whenever we used browser and if we required any kind of plug-in then the browser automatically suggest you to install that plug-in into your browser.
Popular plug-in in mozilla web browser
Many people think that if we have the other softwares then why we should go for the Plug-ins? The answer is, Plug-ins reduces the access time and speedup the browser as well. As we know that the security is main issue for us, Plug-ins also solves that problem, they check for the viruses and scan each files before access. But to experience the same reliability the Plug-ins should be updated up to date.
So far we discuss on the Technical point now I am discuss on the general things. Many time its happens with us that we have some videos or may be the movies in .AVI, .MKV, .MP4, .WEBM, .FLV etc that is not supported by the Windows Media player, Now the Question is what to do? The solution is again Plug-ins, if you suffering from same problem than simply do one think just right click on the Video file and open with your web browser and you will see the browser is working same as your Video player but the Required Plug-ins should be installed in your browser. The same trick is work for the almost all kinds of files like .PDF, .MP3, .WMA, .JPG, .GIF, just follow the same steps. And if it is not working then its means your browser doesnt have the required plug-ins into it.
This technique is mostly work with the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.