Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bluetooth Data / Message Forwarding

We are many familiars with Bluetooth device. It sends data from one device to next one. But the devices which have to receive data must be within range of sender. Now, the concept is if we want to send data to Bluetooth deviceC” from device “A”, but it is not within the range of senderA”, but “B” is in range of Bluetooth device B which is already in range of Bluetooth device A.
Data from device “Asend toBthen it is forwarded to deviceC. But data sent byAis not readable by deviceB. This can be just done by introducing some programming logic.

Bluetooth data forwarding

Actually we have to send message from “A” to “B”. Now we have to search from the device “B” and pair with “C”. Then message is sent from “B” to “C”, thus message sent from “A” to “C”. In above procedure we have to make 2 pairing of Bluetooth device. That means we have to pair n-1 for sending message out of range of devices.
But we have to assigns unique identity to each device for identifying to send data. If there is problem in sending message to destination, then intermediate must acknowledge to sender. There is one more problem that when an intermediate device is getting out of sender then message will not sent to destination.    
  1. Inter mediate device responsible for establishing pairing between itself and destination.
  2. Must to replay sender device for data transmission.
  3. Intermediate device must not read data send by sender, it just acts as a transformer.
  1. It can be possible to establish small network for organization.
  2. Low cost required establishing network compared to LAN.