Saturday, September 1, 2012


NOW, its time to get both features of Ubuntu and android on a same device.

Ubuntu for android is an upcoming free and open source variant of Ubuntu which has been designed to run on android phones. We don't have to install Ubuntu on such types of phones. It will be pre-loaded on android phones. These phones will have both Ubuntu and android running at the same time. We don't have to reboot the device, because of the reason they are sharing the same kernel. I think Ubuntu for android is a complete solution for any sort of work. We can get the phone experience with android and the PC experience with Ubuntu. The integration designing between the Ubuntu and android is awesome. When these phones are connected to any devices such as desktop or TV, it will give standard Ubuntu interface features. And the android applications like media, photo galleries, and music can be run on Ubuntu desktop. Even the phone's functions like receiving or making calls or sending SMS can be done directly from the desktop. The desktop applications like office, web browsing, and email can be run on a phone.

A device should have the following requirements:
Dual-core 1 GHz CPU
Video acceleration: shared kernel driver with associated X driver; OpenGL, ES/EGL
Storage: 2 GB for OS disk image
HDMI: video-out with secondary frame buffer device
USB host mode
512 MB RAM

As Ubuntu is the world's favorite free PC operating system, so in every multi-core phone there is a PC trying to get out. When the user's are buying this type of a phone, they are not just buying a phone they are buying a PC too. This handsets will have more RAM, more storage and more speed. We can do any sort of desktop work just on a small handset. Now, there is a no need of carrying a laptop or to have a desktop to do the PC based work. We can do our work whenever we need it-on the train, on the plane , in meetings or on road.

REALLY, this will make our life very compact. THIS IT Technology will become a boon to the world. BUT a phone that’s also providing a desktop facility isn’t new. The Motorola Atrix already does this via Motorola’s “Webtop” OS and hardware Lapdock. But , Ubuntu’s large installed base and open source origins might make it a better choice for this type of application. The open source origin makes it easy to integrate with android.

WHY Ubuntu is added with android? Because it is widely known that Ubuntu is the one that is fastest growing enterprise. For each and every task like Internet access to loads of games and softwares available, Ubuntu is best. Ubuntu has the best applications for install by default. Ubuntu is more concerned about the best quality and security. And the feature of open source makes it really best. This is the trusted and certified brand in Linux.
The handsets including Ubuntu with android make a total new environment. This will make the user life very easy and simple and compact. I think this will be a real fun to have both phone and desktop experience .This technology is connecting the two different worlds, a phone world with a desktop world.