Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Router Configuration Using Cisco PacketTracer

Hello network geeks, today I would like to share something about networking so i am going to discuss about router configuration using PacketTracer. To show demo I used PacketTracer 5.3.3. If you have old version then update it. I am considering that you have basic knowledge of PacketTracer. Just follow the following steps t configure routers.
Fig: 01

Step 1:
Take two routers on design frame now double click on any router and you will have three options that are Physical,config and CLI, select CLI(command line Interface).
Fig : 02

Step 2:
for router configuration we have to enable the terminal to get start, to enable terminal type enable on terminal. You van see that the > symbol is changed to # that means your terminal is enable now.
Fig : 03

Step 3:
Now type configure terminal, it will make your terminal in global configuration mode.

Note: Every router have two interfaces only, that is interface 0/0 and interface 0/1 .
Step 4:
To enter into interface 0/0 type,
int fa 0/0
Step 5:
Now to assign IP and subnet mask to interface 0/0 type,
ip address
Step 6:
To on the status of interface 0/0 type,
no shutdown
Fig : 04

Step 7:
now exit from interface 0/0 and configure interface 0/1(folloe steps 4,5 & 6).
Fig : 05

Now to connect both routers and try to see that both routers are connected to each other or not, you will see that, routers are not connected, now follow the same process with other router and configure both interfaces and after that at the last you will see both routers are connected to each other.
Fig : 06