Thursday, October 10, 2013

Configure Wget for Proxy

As terminal is a strong component of Linux Operating System, we can use it for many ways and it is found that we can download files through terminal. Wget is the command from which we can download wweebpages, videos etc. But it is found that many us are bound to proxy. So it is possible to configure the proxy for the wget command.

1. First check whether you have installed wget or not, if not then install it using the command. 
                  $ sudo apt-get install wget

2. Once you finish installing you can set the proxy for your wget command, there are basic steps to configure the wget command for proxy:
           a.) Open terminal and type the command as shown in figure:
Figure 1: Configuration File of Wget
                 $ sudo gedit /etc/wgetrc
          b.) After the above command, a file will be opened named “wgetrc”, in this file you will find a phrase as shown in figure, which at first will be in comment format, then you have to remove the comments and place your proxy setting as shown in figure:

Figure 2: Proxy Settings of Wget

After doing this you will be able to use your proxy settings for the wget command.