Monday, September 9, 2013

HD Cloning

What is HD-Cloning?

                              HD-Cloning is a process of coping a content  of 1 hard disk to another hard disk . This process basically uses a harddisk which is filled with  operating system,system drivers,application softwares and some restricted user logins rather then administrator login which emcampases  some protocols of resources utilization as a Source unit.This process is basically carried out from number of different cloning software.

Why HD-Cloning is necessary ?

                               Okay let me explain you by putting one picture into your mind that when you have to operate bluck of machines in a lab or in  any organisation unit ,you basically need to manage it,update it in short you have to carry out the maintainence. So formatting your HDD  is often carried out in once in a month or once in atleast six months. So if you have to carry out formatting for such bluck of machines,this  becomes really hectic part of maintaining.So we use a technology called as "HD-Cloning".

How to use it ?

                               1st of all you need to make 1 source harddisk with all aspects and features which you basically want to be default pasted in all  other HDD

Clone drive and Mirror  :
Makes an exact copy of the Source image HDD as well as of SSD i.e. Solid State Drives , it works with RAID drives  also. This Clone drive and Mirror drive Basically Copies every single entity involved in that Source HDD like registry ,net users(total  types of users) with there access restrictions.

Do remember that when you clone it size of HDD of both Source and Destination matters.

Here i am providing a download link for the above given software logo and start window

Japanese people Use a machine to clone there HDD :