Wednesday, July 24, 2013

YouTube Downloader for Android

Hello, this time I'll be helping you to download your favourite YouTube videos to your Android phone. Downloading YouTube videos is one sure thing that we may be missing on our Android phone. Many times, we may feel sad that we cannot download a particular video that we are watching on our Android phone. There are many YouTube downloading websites available for the PC, but you may not know about YouTube video downloading app for your own Android, and is also free-of-cost. Link to app provided below.

This is actually a modified YouTube app, with features such as:
  1. Pause/Resume Option
  2. Download all available qualities
  3. Simultaneous download of multiple videos
  4. 4 formats available for download 3GP, FLV, MP4 and also MP3
  5. Download videos as MP3 directly
  6. All qualities are PLAYABLE 140p to 1080p HD
  7. Video plays even after screen turns off

No worries, now you can view High Quality videos on your Android phone, and also download your favourite videos for watching them later on your phone. This app can be installed on your Android phone as you normally install an app.

Step-by-Step how to download YouTube videos from this app is as shown below:

  1. Download OGYouTube Downloader from the following site:
  1. Install the downloaded apk file on your Android device. 

  2. There will be a shortcut for the app on your Android home screen. Click on it, to start the app.

  3. Select a video you want to download.

  4. There will be a download link at the video's page, click on it. The app will scan for available formats for the video. Click on the link again, it'll show you a list of available formats to download.

  5. Select the video format you wish to download, and observe the status bar, you'll see the video being downloaded.

  6. Congratulations... You've just downloaded a YouTube video.