Monday, July 29, 2013

Using Mobile As Modem

Hi readers in today's world we normally use wireless devices for our communication. The best means of communication is Mobile which is accepted all over the world,so we can use mobile for connecting to our Laptops by means of Bluetooth.  For using your mobile as modem, your mobile must contain a Bluetooth device and which provides Dial Up Network(DUN) Service.
1. Activate your Bluetooth device of Phone.
2. Activate your Bluetooth device of Laptop.
3. Now pair your Phone Bluetooth with your Laptop Bluetooth as shown in figure below:

4. Go to Bluetooth settings which will open the window as shown below:

5. Click on the ” + ” button at the bottom shown below so that you can add your Bluetooth device:

6. Select your device and press continue to proceed.

7. See  to it that your pin matches with the pin which is displayed on your screen and click matches if it matches.

8. Check the box to access the internet using your mobile phone(DUN), which will detect your phone configuration ans show the following steps:

9. Now Set up your Mobile Broadband Connection press continue to proceed, as shown in figure below :

10. Select the country and press continue,

11. Select your provider and continue,

12. select your plan for internet from the list given, as per your billing plan, and continue to proceed.

13. Confirm Mobile Broadband setting and click on Apply.

14. You will not get the the message as “Your Device Is ready To Use”.
15. Now select the Provider name from the list of wireless connections available,and wait till it connects.
16. Now go to the proxy settings and select the proxy as “No Proxy” and then access the internet.