Friday, June 28, 2013

Share Desktop and Remote Desktop Viewer

Hello reader's today, I am going to discuss about share Desktop and Remote Desktop Viewer. Desktop sharing is very important feature of Linux operating system. You can access any computer in your network range. This application mostly used in colleges and in an organization where teaching or communication done by computer in a network.

Following are this way that indicate how to connect your computer to another one. This process can be done on any computer in a network, either you can give a permission to other user to fully access your Desktop or you can access another user Desktop as well. In teaching field you can give access of server to the student computer. In this way a lecturer can easily share his stuffs with others.

Step 1:
Press windows button on your keyboard and try to search Desktop sharing, open it.
Fig :-01

Step 2:
Click on “Allow other user to view your Desktop” option and close it. After this task other user can send you the request to connect your computer. This task must for the user whom others going to connect.

Fig :-02
Fig :-03

Step 3:
Now can search for “Remote Desktop Viewer”,open it.
Fig :-04

Step 4:
After opening of Remote Desktop Viewer, you can see a option protocol, and selected protocol is SSH, change it to VNC.
Fig :-05
Step 5:
Now in the next option that is Host, enter the IP address of the computer whom you want to connect. Select full screen option and click on connect button.
Fig :-06

Step 6 :
After clicking on connect you will get one black window, just wait till the other user whom you want to connect is allow your request.
Fig :-07

Step 7:
if the other user accept your request then you can see his/her Desktop on your screen and you have full access to do anything on his/her Desktop.

Fig :-08

This is a just a way to connect or share your computer's in a network. You can do much more things using this feature.