Friday, March 15, 2013


In my last blog I had written about shell programming and now I am going to explain about my mini project that I have created in Shell programming using “zenity”, use for GUI (Graphics User Interface). Now you might be thinking about that what’s zenity? So zenity is a command in Linux to create GUI in shell programming, it’s similar to others command available in Linux distro. For more details you can just open your terminal and type there man zenity and you will get all information related to zenity, if it’s not install in your PC then please install it using following command, 

sudo apt-get install zenity -(for debian based Linux Distro)

sudo yum install zenity -(for Red-Hat and Fedora Linux Distro) 

Now after executing Package Installer, you will see the following window on your screen.


It’ll ask you that do you in root account? If you are not in root account then select no.
After clicking on OK a new terminal will open, to open new terminal I had use xterm command and it’s important to have xterm in your PC. If it is not installing then please install it. On new terminal it will ask for root password, then enter root password. If you didn’t created root account yet then enter you Admin account password that is your current account password.
After switching into root account it will again ask you that do you in root account and this time you have to select yes. After click on yes, a package selection window will open. Here you have two choices either you can select .deb or .rpm extension to search all packages that are available in your PC.

As shown in above fig .deb extension is selected that means it wiarch for all packages which have .deb extension.

In above window only one package is found that is Virtualbox, after clicking on ok button the selected package will start installing on your PC.