Monday, February 25, 2013

GnuNify 2013s

Day I:-
It was really an awaiting moment to all techies of Open-Source World to be at GnuNify 2013.It was held at Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR). After an Inauguration Ceremony of GnuNify at day 1, six sessions were scheduled parallel with respect to domains such as Jump Start, FOSS General, Web-Technologies, Programming, Wikipedia, Mozilla Meetup, Cloud Computing, Sys Admin, Mobile-Tech and Localization. I attended the Jump Start Session by Oyunbileg Baatar on “Screencasting Demos and HowTos”. It was practical Hands On Session on How to create a video tutorials and upload it on web by using open-source tools like recordmydesktop and pitivi. Parallely, Prof. Tushar Kute attended the session of Cloud Computing on “Introduction to Open Stack Project” By Atul Jha. Further he also attended the session of “Storage as a Service and Cinder” by Sajid Akhtar and “Introduction to Open Stack Quantum” by Vivek Raghuvanshi. All the three sessions elaborated an Idea of Open Stack to him. Whereas Prof. Amol Kute attended his first session of Sys admin on “Open SSL Architecture Interface and Internals” by Saifi Khan. After my first session I attended the Programming Session on “TC to GCC Transfer Certificate” by Shakthi Kannan. It was a Practical session which covered a various topics of gcc compiler.                                        
 In afternoon session me and Prof. Tushar Kute had attended the session on “Translations for Wikimedia made easy” by Siberland Mazeland and Niklas Laxstrom. While Prof. Amol Kute had attended a Practical Hands on session on “PHP-MySQL Connectivity” by Gaurav Pant. The last Session of Day 1, we all had attended a practical session by Aditya Godbole on “Introduction to Ruby”.
 Thus Day 1 Conference was really informative with great Talks.
Day 2:-
On the day 2 of the Conference, I attended the first session of Soumya Deb (debloper) on “Introduction to Git Hub”. Then second session of the day, me and Prof. Tushar Kute attended a practical session on “Introduction to Python” by Ramkrishna Yekulla (Ramki). While Prof. Amol Kute attended “Gen Open Youth in Open Source” by Sayak Sarkar and “Introduction to Mozilla community involvement Programs” by Vineel Reddy Pindi. Then me and Prof. Tushar attended the “Getting Started with Mozilla development Projrcts ” by Soumya Deb (Debloper). Then we all attended the session of Dipen Chaudhary on “How to start on Drupal and Drupal Ladder “. Then we attended as a representative of Marathi Wikimedia in Wikimedia Meetup in presence of all other language representatives from India and Foreign countries.
So Day 2 of the Conference was too really amazing with the talks of Speaker
Day 3:-
Day 3 was a meet-up day, two meet-ups one of Mozilla India Community and other of Wikipedia was scheduled, we participated in Mozilla Meet-up and met the many Mozillians across the world. We also introduced SnashLUG in that meetup and we got a great response and guidelines from the Mozillians.
Overall GnuNify Open Source Conference was the hub of Tech Talks. We were able to know various technologies and Technocrats.
Thanks a lot GnuNify and PLUG for organizing such a wonderful event.

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