Monday, January 14, 2013

Samsung Exynos5 8 Octa core processor

Samsung just launched an Exynos5 8 octa-core processor. Company has announced that this processor will be used in the upcoming mobile phones developed by Samsung. However Samsung has claimed that it is a model developed to compete with Nvidia’s tegra 4. It is powerful and faster than Google’s Nexus 10’s Exynos 8 dual core processor, it truly means that it is faster than Android which is used widely presently. Due to potential of processor the gaming experience will be better and also HD media’s stream will be easier. It consumes 70 percent less power than its previous chip.
The chip was introduced in 9th Jan 2013 during the final keynote presentation of CES, leverages ARM Holdings big. Little architecture about it was first talked in 2011. In the case of Samsung's chip, the Exynos5 Octa will have four cores based on ARM's Cortex-A15 CPU, which can handle more compute-intensive workloads. At the same time, the chip will also house four cores based on the lower-power Cortex-A7 ARM architecture, which will handle lighter workloads and boost the chips' energy efficiency.
Samsung  Exynos5 8 octa-core processor

The Exynos5 Octa will be the first chip to include the big. Little design, according to Stephen Woo, president of Samsung's Device Solutions Division speaking during the final keynote at the CES event in Las Vegas, Woo said the Exynos5 Octa will give end users the right processing capabilities they need for whatever workload they're running.
The new chip will offer better performance and as much as 70 percent better energy efficiency than the current quad-core version of the Exynos chip. In the booming tablet and Smartphone chip market, energy efficiency is a key metric.