Friday, January 11, 2013


What is AppLocker ?

Windows 7 AppLocker is one of Windows 7 tool improving security of Windows users. Using Windows 7 AppLocker feature, Windows users can specify the software that are allowed to run or disallowed to run on a Windows user's PC. Windows administrators can also control AppLocker features and manage applications using flexible Group Policies. So friends,If you have Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate edition or Windows 7 Enterprise edition installed on your computer then you have Windows 7 AppLocker tool ready for use. Windows AppLocker enables Windows users to control the execution of specific software applications and programs under certain Windows user privileges. Especially for parents, Windows 7 AppLocker is a very handy tool to prevent selected programs to be run by children. For example, parents can disallow a PC game rated as including violence for their children to play.

Rules for creation of the Applocker :

Windows 7 users can start Win7 AppLocker following the below selections :-
Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools.

                                            Fig1. Local Security Policy Window
Double click on Local Security Policy among Administrative tools.Windows 7 users can see the AppLocker node under the Application Control Policies node.

                                             Fig2.Application Control Policies node

Click on Executable Rules node.If you have not yet created any rule for a software application, this section will be empty.

If you wish to create rule try this :

Right click on the Executable Rules node or right click on the empty space on the right pane.
Select Create New Rule from the displayed context menu.

                                                     Fig3. Context Menu

Proceed to following step in Windows 7 AppLocker wizard with Next button.
                                                                 Fig4.Wizard Screen
The permissions screen will be displayed.

In this screen administrators can define if the AppLocker rule will be an Allow action or a Deny action. Also Windows administrators will also identify the Windows users or User groups to be affected by this rule.
                                                         Fig5.Permission Screen
Continue with Next for following Windows 7 AppLocker screen where admins will define the Conditions for the AppLocker rule. As seen in the below screen-shot, Windows 7 AppLocker rules can be set according to path of the executable information.

                                                      Fig6. Condition Screen
In the Publisher definition screen, choose an executable application file for reference. Click on the Browse button to start identifying the publisher properties to define a Windows 7 Applocker rule over.
In order to create a sample AppLocker rule that can be used by parents as a windows7 parental control. Browse the software application that you want to disallow. The publisher and the product details will be listed as follows:-
  • You can cover a wider range of products of the related publisher by moving the slider upwards. If you move the slider downwards a more detailed filter will be applied. When slider is up a more common filter criteria will be applied for the Win7 AppLocker rule.
                                         Fig7.Reference File Window
  • The next screen Exceptions in the AppLocker wizard will let Windows administrator to define exceptions to the above filter criteria.
  • The last screen in the Applocker wizard enables users to name the Win 7 AppLocker rule and supply a description of the rule for further reference.

    Click the Create button to proceed with the Windows 7 AppLocker rule creation task.
                                                 Fig.8 Final Display Description Screen

the rule is created, this rule will be listed in the Executable Rules list as a new item.This is how the App-Locker feature works.