Friday, December 28, 2012


In current era, Windows users are migrating from Windows os to Linux Operating System. Because everything which we had in windows, are also available in all Linux distros, with some great features. And if we don’t have sort of things available in Linux os then we can easily install it in Linux and also we can access Windows software’s through Wine.
Most probably when Windows users are migrated to Linux they have problem with fonts, which are available in Windows but not in Linux. This problem can be solved in two ways. First way is that we can directly download the required fonts and second way is that we can install those fonts through Linux Terminal.

First Way: - Download and Install Fonts. (Install Book-Antiqua font in Ubuntu 11.10)

Step 2: - Open .Zip file with Archive Manager.
Fig1 : Opening of .zip file
 Step 3: - Extract .Zip file as shown below. 
Fig2 : Extracting file
 Step 4: - Select Location to extract file.
Fig3: Selection of Location
 Step 5: - Extract file. (Wait until its shows extraction complete successfully)

Fig4: After Extracting a file

 Step 6: - Open Font file and Click on Install font and wait for some time, after installation of font, it will show “Installed”.

Fig5: Installing of font
 Step 7:- For checking font is installed or not open Libre Office Writer and check font in your font List.

Fig : Libre Office Writer

Second way:-

I will recommend you to install the Microsoft TrueType core fonts. To install them type the following command on a terminal:

              sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts
This will install fonts like Arial, Times New Roman and other Microsoft proprietary fonts. It will not however install Tahoma. Sometimes this server is really busy or down so be patient.
Also there are some Java fonts like Lucida that you can install. This requires the 1.5 JRE to be installed. To install them type the following in a terminal.

             sudo apt-get install sun-java5-fonts

All the fonts you will use in Ubuntu are stored in two places:-
2-> ~/.fonts

I recommend you install them in the First Location. Reason behind is that if you install them to your /home directory they will not be accessible from another account on the computer. So you can directly install all your fonts in above locations. I hope it will help you.