Friday, September 21, 2012

Experience about My Paper Presentation at TechXellence-2012

Today, I will not sound so, technical as I did before. Today, I want to share my experience about the technical fest in which I had recently participated.The technical fest named ‘TECHEXELLENCE’at the national level was held at my institute SANDIP FOUNDATIONwhich was organized by E&TC department. The guest Mr. Niranjan Bhatwal and the chairman of our college and the principals and many other had inspired us a lot. They shared their experiences about their life, career, how theyworkedhard and had achieved their success. It was amazing to get knowledge about these great peoples work, how they think about the different things in completely a different manner. This all has explained my mind that our ideas had to be unique, to achieve something very great in our life.
The technical event in which I had participated was Paper presentation.This was the first time I had presented a paper in front of so many people and that to at the national level. An awesome feeling,I got after giving my first paper presentation. I was somewhat, nervous as this was the first time for me. Still I had done quite a good job. I am an IT student and had presented a paper on a mechanical topic ‘Co-operation of human and robots in hybrid assembly system’. You might wonder being an IT student,why, I had selected a mechanical topic; it was just to learn about something different from my field.
I had not won the competition but had achieved a great knowledge about technical topics that other had presented. The way the presentation should be, like they had given us the time span of 7 minutes to explain our paper, within that time we should complete our paper totally. Over here the main thing is to notice that how one can completely mould the topic within that span of time very well. The problem with me and my colleague was that we couldn’t complete our topic at that span of time and we had left some of the important part of that topic.
The other important point while giving the paper presentation is your speech. How well we can make the audience and the judges to understand about the topic and make it much interactive so that they take interest and listen to it. Because as the first thing comes in our mind about the paper presentation….Boring. I think in technical paper presentation we should be more technical about the topic but we should deliver it in much simpler language so that everyone can understand it. And the next way to do this I think the slides we prepare should look active. Like, the slide and the color used should give an interactive appearance, not a dull look. We had made this part of presentation quite good.
Now the main and very important part of the paper presentation is the questionnaire round. This is important part because in this judges analyze different areas of candidate’s knowledge about the topic. Becausewhile presenting we just deliver those things that we know. So in this round we must give a much satisfactory answer to the judges or audience questions.I think in this round me and my colleague were unable to satisfy the judges with the answers which we had given.
These were all the problems which we face while giving a presentation. I realize these things and mistakes made by us when I had not won the competition. But I think there is always a scope of improvement and it’s never late to do things. Only the thing is that we should be able to recognize those mistakes and learn from it and try to not doing those things in the future.