Saturday, September 15, 2012

course-builder: Google approach for the online Learning with open–source

“Google !”, For us Google is not search engine is the mother of the knowledge. When we talk about the knowledge or what is knowledge the answer is “Only when we accept it does it become knowledge. Only when we trust it does it become wisdom”.
Recently Google launched an open source course building web application for the online classes with association some eminent university (Stanford, UC San Diego and Indiana University).  The open-source Course Builder project lets anyone make their own learning resources, complete with scheduled activities and lessons, if they've got some skill with HTML and JavaScript. The website is provision for the online course material. Researchers and student can used more advanced feature of Google search.

Google Course-builder
“The power-searching course was a physically powerful achievement and also generated some expertise that we thought would be functional to share with the world,” says Norvig. “We feel that by sharing the code that we’ve generated, we can impact more people in the education space. There is a lot of experimentation going on in the industry at this point, and we felt that contributing an open source project would be a beneficial starting point that could help everyone.” The benefit of this Google project is that live code is available online straight away. No need to grade the papers to avail the benefits.  Another aid is that Google Course Builder now being made available as an open source project. People build online training courses and make wisdom on the web more experiment-worthy a task for the global audience. Developers and researchers in HTML, JavaScript and Python may feel joyful to know that Google is soon hosting community building event for the same and has plan to share this with community platform  with edx for open standards and technology sharing .
Google course builder home page

For this Google provide us necessary documentation and forums. Google team with their hangouts is available to assist. How to make this technology successful and useful is depend on the teachers and researchers but as a pioneer of technology Google bloom with this approach. So let’s make a milestone in Google’s success story.
You may visit the following link for Google course-builder.
For online video please refers this link.