Sunday, August 18, 2013

Power of Wordpress

Wordpress Opensource Web development tool:

                             If your wasting your time in typing all code and getting no throughput then this is not a efficient way to get your work done in time with quality.So, there are some ready made tools used to develope a site and here in this post i am going to share how to start with login,installation,and some basic settings.Most of the information is depicted within the image because i found it more interactive.

Steps to start:

1.After getting the domain with it's username and password, we must login into it.
Related information is depicted in the below image.

2.After login into the cpanel(control panel) you need to select a tool which is a opensource tool i.e.   Fantastico Delux which is present in software/services.

3.Then you will get a new window. Click on wordpress.

4.Then click on "new installation". In the below given image it is showing current installation because i am already using it on my site so ignore it for sometime.

5.Next step fill the information properly. Put proper id and password to login on your wordpress site.

6.After installation of wordpress to login into the admin page type in browser "domain_name/wp-admin"

7.After login you get this window.Wordpress admin page to control your site display and other utilities which i am goin to list below.

Wordpress encompasses below listed features on which it really works:
Themes , Posts ,widgets,menus,permalinks,tags,pages etc

All these above examples works on installed plugins. Plugins plays the heart role to make your site interactive and flexible.It basically reduces your workload.

Another important scheme in wordpress is how to use SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization which basically links your posts,pages or your site on search engines such as etc.
Use of plugins and SEO tool in wordpress will be ellaborated in next post thank you.