Thursday, August 1, 2013

Run Windows Software in Linux with PlayOnLinux

As we are very much familiar with the windows software, we always tend to use that software only, whether we are working on Linux or on any other OS. And this can be possible by using Wine any many other alternatives. PlayOnLinux is one of those alternatives with an interface where you can get list of options for applications and you have to just click and easily install it. So it reduces the tedious work. PlayOnLinux uses Wine for its back-end and it plays as a front-end.

You can install the PlayOnLinux from Ubuntu Software Center or you can install it through the terminal:-

       sudo apt-get install playonlinux

You can also install it from the PlayOnLinux website. You have to double click on Ubuntu and then click on the available package to install it. Also there are few commands for your Ubuntu versions, that you can run in your terminal to keep up-to-date with the latest version and this will add the PlayOnLinux software repository in your system.

After it is installed, you can launch the PlayOnLinux by searching it in the dash.


PlayOnLinux  will start a wizard first for the first time use.


After that you can see the window of PlayOnLinux with many tabs in it.


To install any applications you need to click on install and then you can see the Installation Menu Window where different categories are provided as you can see in the below fig. You can select the category and then the application under that and just click on Install button.


The application will install by starting a wizard.


That's it your application is downloaded and installed.

You can use the other tabs like configuration and shortcut also. In configuration tab, you can configure the packages that you have installed. And at shortcut tab, you can create a shortcut for the application in the desktop that you have installed.
Enjoy using PlayOnLinux