Sunday, August 4, 2013

Adding User Account in Linux Mint 15 Graphically

Hi, readers it has been very difficult for the newbie’s in Linux for creating a new user account. As most of the part in Linux is handled through terminal, it is very difficult to recall the commands. So in later versions of Linux distribution there are many commands which are designed graphically, so that users can be friendlier with the Os. Today I am going to tell you about the interface that has been added in Linux Mint 15 for adding multiple accounts in the system.

Linux Mint 15 comes with a default environment of Cinnamon which is more over the same as windows GUI, due to which users feel more comfortable with the environment.

To add a user account we have to follow the steps given below:

  1.  Open the User Account Interface as shown below:

Fig 1: User Accounts
2. Now click on the unlock button which can be seen in the above image. On clicking, you will be asked to authenticate the current user which checks whether you are privilege user or not, as shown below:

Fig 2: Authentication
3. Now click on the “+” button where you will be asked to enter the user name and account type, the account type has following option i.e. Administrator and standard as shown below:

Fig 3: Add Account

4. Now set the password for the user by clicking on the login options as shown below:
Fig 4: Set Password
5. Now click on change and then end the process by clicking on the lock that can be seen on the screen and you will see the user added as shown in fig. Now you can logout and login as new user.

Fig 5: User Account Created

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